Find a Lawyer in New Zealand

If you need a lawyer, whether you need legal advice or legal representation, a qualified NZ lawyer can help you.

Welcome! We know that finding a lawyer can be a difficult, daunting task - especially since many people only try to find one in an hour of great need. It can also be hard to figure out who the good lawyers are, how to find them, and how to contact them.

We realize all of the above and would like to offer a helping hand in your hour of need. To do so, we have assembled this list of firms you can get in touch with, and how to reach them. To find a lawyer for a specific area, simply click on the name of the city where you live, and the list will automatically take you to that section. We recommend trying to find a lawyer in the same general area that you are, but it's not set in stone at all, simply something we have observed over the years. Missing an appointment with your lawyer simply because the traffic was bad is not conducive to good business, yours and the lawyer's.

You might be asking yourself why there are only a few names in some cities. That's a great question and deserves a great answer. Bluntly, we prefer to work with and refer to only the best lawyers and firms. Every name on this list has been vetted in some way, shape, or form, whether it's client recommendations, personal experiences, or proven behavior in the past. By doing so, we aim to make everyone's experience more positive.

Now, although we do post only the best lawyers here, we urge you to do fact-checking on your own. Call the firms you're thinking of working with, talk to the receptionist and get some idea of how the firm feels. You can tell a lot about a business by how the phones are answered, and the same is true here as well. Another idea is to ask if you can get a free consultation, to see if they think that you have a case and/or can handle said case. It wouldn't do to hire a firm only to find out that they don't work with your type of case!

Personality is also a big factor when trying to find a lawyer. If you do get a consult, use it as an opportunity to see how the lawyer works, if she's attentive and confident instead of short-tempered and rough. He should be professional and courteous while still focusing on the matter at hand.

Again, we know that finding a lawyer can be hard. Please use our various resources to make such a difficult, important decision just a little bit easier.