Contract Law New Zealand

Looking for NZ law firms that specialise in contract law?

Contracts are legal documents, with conditions that are legally binding. That's why it's a good idea to seek the advice of a lawyer before entering in to any contract. A lawyer with experience in New Zealand contract law can help you understand your contractual obligations before you sign a contract, so you know exactly what you're committing to.

Contracts can exist between two or more parties for a variety of purposes. There are employment contracts, that outline the responsibilities of both the employee and the employer. There are construction contracts, that define the roles and responsibilities of builders, project managers, suppliers, tradespeople and others involved in a building project. Real estate contracts deal with the terms of buying or selling any type of property.

Failure to fulfill one's contractual obligations is also known as 'Breach of Contract'. This can be very serious, as a contract is a legal document, which means breaching a contract is the same as breaking the law. Sometimes, if the wording of a contract is at all ambiguous, one party may believe the other has breached the terms of the contract, while the other party believes he or she has done nothing wrong. If this occurs, a contract lawyer may be able to help clarify and settle the situation either in or out of court.

All lawyers should have a solid understanding of New Zealand contract law, but some lawyers specialise exclusively in contract law. These experts are the ones to look for if you need legal advice, representation or administration of a particularly complex contract.