Immigration Law New Zealand

Looking for NZ law firms that specialise in visas, permanent residence and citizenship applications?

If you want to immigrate to another country, advice and assistance from an immigration lawyer can help make your application successful, whether you want to immigrate to New Zealand or immigrate to an other country such as the UK, the USA, Russia, one of the EU countries or any other country in the world.

There are different types of immigration applications that a specialist in Immigration Law can help you with. You can apply for a Visa, such as a Working Holiday Visa, Skilled Migrant Visa, Student Visa, Business or Investor Visa, or a Visa under the Family or Refugee categories. The type of visa you will need depends on the country you want to immigrate too, as well as your personal situation. An immigration lawyer will be able to advise which Visa(s) you are eligible for. Immigration Lawyers can also help you make an application for Permanent Residence, or even Citizenship to a country.

Although using an Immigration Lawyer does not guarantee the success of your application, it can greatly improve your chances and make the immigration process much easier on you.