Lawyers Auckland

Welcome to Auckland, home of the Harbour Bridge, New Zealand National Maritime Museum, and the One Tree Hill! While one would generally hope that looking for a lawyer in a new town (whether you're visiting or just moved in) would not be something they had to do, well, if you're on this page, obviously something prompted it. We would like to make this easier on all who use this resource, because finding the right lawyer or legal firm is hard enough as it is. Therefore, we have created this list of lawyers right here in Auckland - so that the grunt work is already done for you.

Below you will find a list of lawyers and firms in the area, along with their contact information. Please be aware that we are not a licensing body, but simply a directory group that wants to make this information available to all who need it. Keeping that in mind, you should know this - this list is one that we compiled ourselves. Each firm or lawyer on this list is on here because we or someone we know worked with them, and would recommend them to anyone we know. We feel that one of the true measures of a good person to work with, be it in law, housecleaning, or any other service, is whether people are willing to recommend their work to others. After all, if you trust someone, would you not trust them to give an accurate report of how someone works?

Because of this, and for other reasons, we advise that you call each lawyer or firm that you are thinking of contracting with. Not only does this prevent awkward moments where you're setting up an appointment and find out that the firm has moved, but it allows you to get a glimpse of how that office operates. Generally it's also recommended that you set up an initial consultation before paying a retainer - in many cases, these are free. These allow you to see if the lawyer you found here in Auckland really is the right one for your situation. Because there are so many sub-specialties in law, it's always important to make sure that you're getting the representation that you need.

In addition, even though this is the internet era, sometimes things don't get updated - offices moved, people retire, phone numbers or websites drop off the grid, and so on. If you happen to run into this, we urge you to send us an email with the pertinent details and we'll sort it out as soon as possible. Similar to this, if you want to recommend a lawyer or a firm here in Auckland, please drop us a note with their information and why you are suggesting them, and we'll take it from there.

Our hope is that this listing helps people navigate difficult situations with a little more peace of mind. We also hope that you find Auckland as restful or as busy as you need it to be.

Headifen Michael Lawyer
09 638 6500
199 Mt Eden Rd Mt Eden Auckland 1024

Wilson McKay
09 520 4544
Wilson McKay House 1A St Vincent Ave Remuera Auckland 1050

Stewart Germann Law Office
09 308 9925
2 Princes St Auckland Central Auckland