Lawyers Christchurch

Christchurch holds the honor of being the largest city on the South Island here in New Zealand. It's famous for many things - the parks, rich local history, social life... and also for being rocked by what is thought to be one of the most destructive earthquakes the country has ever seen.

Of course, while the insurance situation after that is a perfectly good reason to hire a lawyer, it's not the only one. Hiring a lawyer can be tough, and we'd like to make that easier in a few ways - one of which is compiling this list of lawyers and law firms in Christchurch - so that you don't have to do all of that work only to have to call through all of the numbers as well.

In the following list, you will find names, numbers, and websites for lawyers and legal firms here in the Christchurch area. Please be aware that we are not a licensing body, but simply a directory group that wants to make this information available to all who need it. Keeping that in mind, you should know this - this list is one that we compiled ourselves. Each firm or lawyer on this list is on here because we or someone we know worked with them, and would recommend them to anyone we know. We feel that one of the true measures of a good person to work with, be it in law, housecleaning, or any other service, is whether people are willing to recommend their work to others. After all, if you trust someone, would you not trust them to give an accurate report of how someone works?

Some tips: we recommend that you call each firm or lawyer that you are considering working with, for a variety of reasons. One, you're making sure that you have the right firm for your situation. Two, you get the right sub-specialty of law. Three, you'll know just that much more about the firm operates - you can learn a lot by how the receptionist takes care of questions and setting up consultations. That's another thing - always try and set up a consult. Generally, these are free without a retainer, so that you can discuss the case and see if they feel they can help you, and whether you mesh with their style.

Despite living in the world of social media, sometimes things change without being noticed. Lawyers retire, firms move around the city (and Christchurch is, of course, still rebuilding after the earthquakes), numbers get changed or dropped, you get the idea. If you run into this situation, please just drop us a note with the info and we'll get it fixed right away. Additionally, if you would like to recommend someone for this list, get in touch with us, and we'll get all the info we need from you.

Our hope is that this listing helps people navigate difficult situations with a little more peace of mind.

GCA Lawyers
03 365 1347
Ground Floor, White Fox and Jones House 22 Moorhouse Ave Christchurch

Malley & Co
03 379 0712
518 Colombo St Christchurch

White Fox and Jones
03 353 0650
22 Moorhouse Ave PO Box 1353 Christchurch 8011